Monday, May 20, 2013

Celts for Change-to stay the same

Another league season is over and another league trophy is in the bag, It's been a season of thrills and chills with an "Always have been, Always will be" theme running through the year. Identity is a thing that means a lot to me. I'm a traditionalist in the sense that there are three things that are sacred at Celtic, namely, the name Celtic, the green and white hoops and the name Celtic Park. I know there are some would happily sell the name of the park for a few quid but once you go down that road, you realise soon, you can't go back.

Our identity is why we have a worldwide support.

I've watched with interest the current goings on at Sevco and Hearts and the "wait and see" attitude of their supporters just baffles me. I think the reason they have done nothing to save their clubs, and Rangers before them, is that they expected help as establushment clubs. Folk know all about Rangers and Sevco, but at Hearts as well, the Edinburgh City Chambers has reeked of Jambo and, whisper it, even to the point of ensuring Vladimir Romanov got all the help he needed to takeover Hearts after being rebuffed by Dunfermline and Dundee Utd,

The very men who got Romanov in still swan about the bars of Edinburgh like Pontious Pilot, washing their hands of their involvement that has ended up with Hearts on their knees.

With that being said, it was wonderful to see Celts For Change being acknowledged by the club at the weekend. At that time, Celtic were rudderless and we, as fans,  needed someone or some thing to get behind in order to get their voices out there. The guys at Celts For Change provided that leadership and paved the way for Fergus McCann to weigh in with the money that stopped administration, stopped the need for a CVA and stopped the death of our club.

The identity of Celtic helped us stand up and be counted then, our rebel hearts.

Always have been, Always will be.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Come on everybody, let's Baseball

I'm writing this blog to ensure I don't fuck up. You see, I'm writing a short story that will have a Kindle/iPad release on May 30th. There won't be a paper copy. My self imposed deadline is May 15th, so that gives me to Tuesday night to write the other 12,000 words I think it needs.

The irony of this is that I am doing this story because I am lazy. Or I was. I could have done something like climb a hill or walk a long distance but in a naive form of druinken bravado I said "I shall write thee a story" and that was that. The "Thee" in question is The Food Bank of New York. A place I've had dealings with for about seven years now. I like to keep in touch with some places for the day I end up skint, homeless and in need of help (Wait a sec, I did end up skint and homeless in NYC and I never went to them for help, what a dick I am)

Anyway, I volunteered on one of their outreach projects on Christmas day 07 and kind of stayed in touch with a couple of the people there. Those same people got in touch and said "Hey, we are going to be climbing hills and walking long distances, do you want to join in?" and that's where my drunken bravado came in.

Yes, I committed to a 25,000 word short story right at the same time as I sit exams and Celtic win leagues and get to cup finals.

So I sit here now, needing 12,000 words before it goes to @harper1888 and he works his magic.

The story? It's about a New York Mets fan/blogger from Sunnyside, Queens in June of last year. He's a neighbourhood guy with a decidedly average life and, really, the Mets are his life. This day though, June 1st 2012, will change his life forever...(Cue the Tales of The Unexpected music)

I've used a lot of stuff that I knew from NYC and worked closely with @frankiebhoymets for details and the like but I did pour a lot of my own life into it but not in the way I normally do.

So, whilst a Baseball theme, it's got a lot more in it as is my wont.

Anyway, it will be a lot cheaper than one beer at the ball park and all proceeds will go to The Food Bank of New York.

I just need to get the fucking thing finished...

Friday, May 10, 2013

This is the moment

They say that we are always looking back or looking forward. There was a time, a long time, when all I ever thought about was winning a League Championshp again. Back then, it seemed pretty distant. Our season was usually over by the end of October and it hurt, it hurt all of us.

I don't do blogs where I tell people how to behave or how they should support Celtic but I would like to use this platform make an appeal to all Celtic supporters today to enjoy themselves. Days like today are the ones we all should crave. Forget what manager is going where, what the PLC board think of this or that, or any oher thing the deflects from you enjoying yourself today.

Social Media does make it hard for anyone to do anything these days. Things get pulled apart, ingested, digested and then spat back out later and bit by bit we move further away from each other so days like today are for pulling us all back together again.

When that trophy gets raised in the air today, it's for everyone connected with Celtic and should be enjoyed in that fashion.

I spoke to someone yesterday who didn't experience the early 90s and I tried to explain to him that today is about, pleasure, satisfaction, enjoying yourself. Debates, points of view and complaint should be left for another day.

The trophy isn't coming back to Paradise today, it's just extending its lease of the trophy room.

How long that is for? That's down to all of us.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time to get back to work

So, another trophy presentation is upon us. After the last two performances, it is a welcome relief. My theory is the Scottish cup will be won or lost in the next two games and if the next two games are as bad as the last two games then we might as well take that Sunday off.

It is hard to know what is going through Neil Lennon's head right now.

Fans have been baffled by selcetions and formations and the, seemingly, lack of willingness to give starts to a youth team that has already secured another league and cup double.

You would hope that,given he returns to the dug-out on Saturday, things will take an upswing. I'd expect a full strength team on Saturday and then a shadow squad up at Tannadice, so a show is really need for the St Johnstone game.

I'm a person who wants to win every game, feels that Celtic don't play friendlies and that a certain standard has to be met in every game. Recently and, let's face it, a lot of times this season, we have fallen way beneath that standard and there many rumours as to why.

We don't need them just now.

What we need is a united front, six points in the last two games and then the cup back at Celtic Park where it belongs.

If we could have a wee bonus, I'd like to see all that being achieved by playing the Celtic Way.