Thursday, April 4, 2013

The curious case of David Longmuir

When Scottish football was tearing itself apart last summer because of the death of Rangers, one name to emerge unscathed was that of David Longmuir. As Regan and Doncaster pulled every stunt they could to manipulate clubs into believing Sevco had to be parachuted into the SPl, Longmuir was seen as a voice of reason by fans and pundits alike.

So what happened?

After what seemed like endless discussions, it looked like 12-12-18 was finally nailed on in January and we cxould look forward to reconstruction next season.

Then came Longmuir.

It is clear that clubs believe that Longmuir has been attempting to muddy the waters and put a negative spin on 12-12-18, a 12-12-18 he had already agreed to in princple and Falkirk have already made a statement to that effect.

So what is Longmuir playing at?

Last night, Longmuir espoused the view that Sevco has been fantastic for the SFL in terms of crowds, money, sponsorship and exposure.

If that's the case, then why, as top man in the SFL, does it appear that Longmuir is doing anything and everything he can to get them out the SFL?

It doesn't add up.

Unless you throw weight behind the theory that Longmuir is conducting a long, public interview for a job at Sevco, similar to what Jim Traynor did but with a Sports Direct Arena pie rather than succulent lamb on the menu.

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