Monday, April 8, 2013

The Bampot Book Launch

The dust has settled on another Bampot Book Launch and the exhaustion I am feeling now, added to the still slightly pished vibe, tells me I had a good night. And how.

These things always come with a lot of stress in the build up but it always gets blown away when the night actually starts.

I attended the demo on Saturday in George Square and was really pleased how that had went, the message got across, the vibe was chilled and no one gave the polis an excuse. Credit must go to FAC for the quick organsisation of it and both Chris and Jeanette spoke very well.

We had a couple of jars in the pub across the road before it and this definitely relaxed me.

After the demo, we hot-footed it to our hotel, checked in, had another couple of jars and had a leisurely stroll to Paradise. The sun was shining and we passed the CSA on the way, banishing all thoughts of the launch and minds wandering to Hibs.

There was a great atmosphere at Celtic Park, again started by The Green Brigade, and maybe, just maybe, things are getting back to how they should be.

As well as the goals, the highlight was the Craig Whyte banner. From the squirming in the directors box, to the rage from the press box, it was a fantastic sight.

We didn't win the league, yet, but people left happy all the same.  That's what you want from attending Celtic Park.

We had another leisurely stroll after the game, catching up with Team Maguire on the way, and the purpose for me is always the same, I don't want to be the first person at the venue. Despite all that, I was the second I think, only seeing Simmy Ward at the bar. This is probably the most stressful time of these events, that place at the back of your mind screaming at you, "what if no one shows up?" That's just the stress talking though and, quite frankly, does a dis-service to the quality of people who do come to these events.

Then they came flooding in.

Was great seeing all the faces again, from Willie Keane and his gang to Big Davie from OAO and his crew, a lovely mix of the Celtic Family.

The Parrot was Master of Ceremonies and did a great job and got so into it that he almost forgot to announce me hahaha.

My only worries after that was making sure I didn't fuck up the reading I had planned. For maximum impact, my plan was to relax into it, say nothing too controversial then get into it. Of course, I still did my usual rants about how good Celtic are and so on, so most goes oot the windae.

The reading itself went very well from my point of view. I probably only flubbed two words (I hope) and managed to remember, just in time, to lower my voice slightly, for maximum impact for the huge "YESSS!!!!!! GET IN THERE!!!" I was about to scream. I have to say that when I did, to see 200 folk jump out their skin was a lovely moment for me hehehe.

The rest of the night was spent talking to great people and listening to The Quadrofenians blow the roof off the place.

And what about them?

A stunning 20 song set that top indie bands on the circuit right now would struggle to compete with. I was so happy to see the reaction the guys got because as well as being talented musicians, they are fantastic guys as well. For any event, book them @quadrofenians now.

By the end of the night, I had so many lovely people coming up to me, it was the cherry on top of the icing and, as a red blooded male, the amount of beautiful women at these things has all male hearts fluttering.

There were many highlights from the night for me, singing Joe McDonnell with Paul Lee, Jane Hamilton bouncing on me, giving Lynn Murphy the credit she deserved for her inspiration, seeing Billy No'Well's suit, being there the night Peter Hill became a man, kissing Sniper full on the lips, seeing Simmy pogo, mentioning Craig Whyte's name and the whole place erupting, the look on Frank Rafters face as his Guinness piled up,  Caroline Boyle asking me the best questions I've ever been asked about a book, seeing Team McGuire all happy and singing, seeing Liam dish out "The Power" and seeing the mass huddle at the end.

So it was off to bed and very little sleep, the vibe still pumping through my veins. Which probably explains why I am so exhausted now.

The Pepsi challenge of these things is always The Twitter Test the day after and the folks will let you know if they enjoyed it or their silence is a good indicator that they didn't.

Well, amount of good wishes, laced with a few hundred hangovers, indicates to me that folk had a great time.

And have started a Cheesy Pasta revival...

A year ago, I did my first book launch ever in Scotland and folk were a bit reserved at the start of the night, unsure who folk were and so on. Now, they are all just dive into it and everyone knows everyone else.

Along with promoting the book, that's the purpose of these things. Looking from the stage, I can see companies getting bigger and bonds getting stronger and I love it, that's Celtic and how it should be always.

I hope everyone there, if they haven't already, now goes out and buys the book. Because it's about them and you too.

I write about ordinary people but get support from extraordinary people.


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