Thursday, April 25, 2013

A step in the right direction

Regular readers will know that I have had a little bee in my bonnet about season ticket prices at Celtic Park, so the news that everyone is getting £100 off the price of one next season is welcome. At this moment, it should be a glorious time to be a Celtic supporter with another league in the bag, a cup final to follow and news that our top players are coming out saying they love it in Paradise. Of course, that hasn't been the case recently given the ongoing treatment of the support so anything that rewards that support has to be a good thing.

I think it's important for the supporters to keep the pressure on the prices going in the right direction because as much as a decrease next season is great for everyone, if it is followed by a big increase the following year, it immediately becomes a PR disaster.

Everything should be done to ensure Paradise is full every week next season and that isn't just down to pricing. Celtic have said the matchday experience will be improved next season and I am interested to see how. I'd love to see the catering facilities improved, and the campaign to do this by @maleysbhoys is admirable, whilst a good innovation on Sunday was the pre-match interview with Johan Mjallby on the big screen. This, added to the expected WiFi around the stadium next season, is welcome by pretty much all fans.

Somethng that would also help the matchday expeirence of all fans is the end of patting down, sinister threats and general harassment of a lot of fans. The application for a standing section holding 3000 supporters is a bold move and very welcome. What that would add to the atmosphere is worth any criticism that will inevitably come from folk that have never paid into a football match in their lives.

Of course, the best way to improve the matchday experience is to have a team on the park playing the Celtic way. The tools are there, a few just need sharpened, and if a couple of players with great football brains and experience were added, there should not be any limit to what this team can achieve.

So, hats off to Celtic for the discount, a decision that is finally made with the fans in mind.

All fans.

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