Monday, March 4, 2013

Sevco Spin City

I'm not one to completely ignore Sevco and all that. My own view is we should always keep half an eye on everything going on there. People say "But McDonald's don't mention Burger King, Coke doesn't mention Pepsi?" Yeah but neither Burger King or Pepsi have a complaint media ready to buy all their bullshit.

Oh the red tops have been spinning like mad in the last few days.

First up was an article by Ally McCoist, who was raging that another excuse to get out was gone on Thursday, asked the question: Why are we playing in the Third Division? Now anyone who knows how to switch a light on knows the answer to that but it didn't stop The Sun handing over a full page for this guff.

Next week I believe Peterhead will be asking why they started in the Third Division.

Fast forward to today and the news trickles through that Sevco have already lost £7m this season. Well that's a bit odd isn't it? Haven't they had a world record share issue and record breaking crowds every week?

Let's have a Scotland Tonight programme on that where Charles Green has to defend these figures and Ally McCoist is taken through a "Join The Dots" puzzle called "From death to Berwick" so we can all live in the real world once again.

Speaking of those not living in the real world, Keith Jackson is raging. His article today, lambasting Regan and Doncaster whilst warning the Sevco hordes that Celtic are making fortunes and it's all Peter Lawwell's fault, is of a worried man. I know Keith is busy trying to find a lawyer to sue John Collins like he said he would six years ago...but when that particular snake is rattling, you know things aren't going well down Sevco way.

Oh dear.

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