Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From DC to Paradise

I'm tired. I was up at 4am on Saturday to go to Dublin, emotionally drained from that visit, as it was the first time I'd saw my youngest son since Sep 28th, then I was back, few hours kip, then up at 4am to meet @btwcelticshow at Glasgow Airport at 7.30am on Monday.

Getting to Buchanan St at 645am, I was informed that the only bus currently running from there to the airport was the 747. What I wasn't informed was that it would take a cunting hour to get there.

I got there though and met a drugged up, half pissed Wilson. We made our way to the hotel and, much to the fury of some onTwtter, took to our shared room. I never realised that in hotels you're not supposed to ever share a room but plenty on Twitter said so, so it must be true.

From there, it was a breakfast, more fury on Twitter, and a trip to Paradise. It was nice to see how much it meant to Graham and I am sure he will let you know just how much.

After this, it was back to the hotel, shared room yes, for an afternoon kip.

That night we took to a bar on Bath St to meet The Parrot and Chibchenko for an evening of The Parrot talking too much and Chibchenko not saying a word. Teehee.

Game day meant a change of hotel and quite a few folk coming up to chat to us. @jolietjake67 met us at CP the day before @lazysunday67 was in our hotel. There were a lot of folk who came up to Graham in pubs in the Gallowgate and so onat a time he was getting some abuse on Twitter for being a yank/having a ticket/breathing so it was good to see him with a smile on his face.

The game was the game and he will tell you how he felt far better than I could. Afterwards, we were all sick and he took more abuse, thank fuck he can handle it, on Twitter and from folk who really need to think more.

It might sound a bit like all he did was take abuse but it wasn't really, the amount of folk who wanted to meet him and wish him well was incredible and he was blown away by Paradise.

Now the old bassa is in his kip and I won't be far behind him, just no shared room this time.

Looking for a bit craic on Saturday night so if you fancy it, get in touch. If no, tweet him at @btwcelticshow and call him a lightweight.

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