Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At home with The Green Brigade

If there's one thing that can be guaranteed in the Celtic Universe, it's a hysterical reaction by some to anything The Green Brigade do.

Last night I was lucky enough, amongst others, to coverse with two of their members and I can tell you now it's a pod not be missed.

You may well be disappointed if you're expecting some mythical figures talking from a secret underground bunker though.

The wee secret I can divulge right now is that both of the guys we spoke to came across as genuine Celtic supporters who want all the same things as I do for the club, namely winning football matches, remembering who we are and having a bit of fun.

A lot of myths are debunked about The Green Brigade and if one thing comes out of this podcast, I hope it's the need certain people have to castigate them every time they sneeze.

The facts normally get in the way of a good story, in this pod, they are what make it.

Stay tuned...

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