Monday, January 21, 2013

What's in a name?

When Celtic moved to the current site of Celtic Park in 1892, it was a lot to do with money. The rent had increased so much that it was decided that a new stadium had to be built. It was bulit and it was built by volunteers who already cared so deeply for a club that had such a positive impact on both their communities and lives.

About ten years ago, when naming rights for stadiums in the UK first started rearing irs head, I spoke to a friend in NYC about what American fans thought of it happening with their teams in various sports over there. He went on at length about why they did it and how much they raked in from doing it but right at the end he said "Of course, none of these teams have a history and tradition like Celtic"

Most of you who know me, will know I am a traditionalist. I'm not interested in doing anything and everything to bring money into the club, In my view, three things are sacred, the name, the green and white hoops and Celtic Park. You can't buy class, prestige and tradition, and you should certainly never sell them.

Market research shows that the most popular colour of strip among kids in the UK is red. Should we ditch the hoops and go with that as well?

Even Man Utd, not slow in making a fast buck, have named their stands after the manager and what they have always been called and have made a committment to never change the Old Trafford name.

I like Celtic the way we are, I've said before, I'm not interested in going to the EPL.

2013 is actully my 35th year of going to Celtic Park (auld bugger I know) and it means something to me, far more than money ever will.

To me it's a simple choice, we are either "more than a football club" or just a football club.

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