Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is our time

The second half of the season is almost upon us and the news that people are already queueing round the block for Juventus tickets is a timely reminder.

The commentator on the Man Utd game last night reminded viewers that it's been such a great season for Man Utd as they still have three competitions to go for...

Our season will be shaped in the next month. With three cup competitions coming at us pretty soon, and two home league games in the space of a few days, this is a real chance for us to cement a golden season in the club's history.

For me personally, there will be a new book (Novel) in April and, of course, that will bring with it a #bampotbooklaumch. When we know the detials, so will you.

I can't thank people enough for buying my last book. The comments still come as well and to have been No1 on Amazon was something I will always cherish. The sales are still happening and with so many coming for electronic devices now, the future is clear.

Finally, it's wonderful to see so many new blogs and shows popping up as the Internet Bampot revolution becomes evolution.

This is our time.

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