Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some strange goings on down Sevco way...

Despite what they might think, not everyone is overly keen to have Sevco anywhere near the SPL. The witch hunt against Steven Thompson, for going with both the moral and legal argumments against Sevco being invited to the SPL back in the summer, is not going down too well with some of the movers and shakers in Scotland.

Indeed at the Hibernian AGM on Monday, Rod Petrie was heard to say along the lines of "It took us six months to get rid of them and four weeks to find them a home"

You see, just because Keith Jackson cannot stomach his beloved Rangers going down the swanny, doesn't mean everyone is sick about it.

No matter what the dark arts tell you.

What does seem to happen though is a state of amnesia sets into folk who go near Ibrox. Richard "The club I loved is dead" Gough was there last Saturday to celebrate 140 years of it. In fact there were 39 Ibrox legneds there (Supposed to be 40, Bert Konterman couldn't make it) including that man of God Marvin Andrews who may have read and believed about the resurrection, but not the ten commandments.

These are some strange times.

Oh, one final thing, Talkpsort's own Andy Gray was there on Saturday, giving a rousing speech to the troops at half time saying "They said this club would die, look at it now"

Aye, it's deid Andy and Sevco will not be far behind them.

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