Thursday, December 20, 2012

Juve or not Juve

Ooh, a tough one. Wait a minute, they all would have been tough, scratch that. A blockbuster of a tie for Celtic then, Juventus home and away. You know what, I kind of like that. It seemed to me that, had we drawn either Malaga or Schalke, a lot of supporters would have seen this as a virtual bye through.

Not Juventus though.

Focus will be needed and that's good because that is when we are at our best. Ooh, I'm also glad I've got ESPN and by February I can go on shows and write blogs pretending to be an expert on the Serie A.

I may even learn Italian, well, a few words, and dazzle you all with my intellect.

What a fantastic two months we have ahead of us.

As George Bailey says, "It's a wonderful life"

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