Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chests, Tests and Rest

I've been ill this week. Actually started feeling a bit ropey late last Saturday night and by Monday my voice was gone and a chest infection had taken a grip of me. Ideally a week, minimum, in bed would have been the ideal tonic, alas, I've got so much work on, I had to grin and bear it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And grin at Tynecastle on Wednesday.

I do think part of the reason I fell ill was the release of adrenalin from the last few weeks. Promoting the book, being available constantly for folk and doing anythng you can to get the word out does take its toll on you. It was funny looking back at the @carlukeshamrock video of the night,  and thinking "Who are these folk?" I'm kidding, and seeing the night from the perspective of someone going to it. I increasingly feel that all the parties I go to are the ones that I am organising!

Still though, three book launches in a year, each one with it's own unique character, has been great. 's also nice when folk ask when the next one is. Well, all I can say now is that it will be next year, at the end of a month and it won't be announced til February.

I'll be taking a bit of a back seat soon, once I finish the new novel which, all going well, is a fortnight from completion.

It's hard slog for the people who make these work and to ensure you get people there, timing is everything. There are a number of issues which arise out of these things, before, during and after. The biggest problem you have before it are people who start making demands about the night. They put their name down and start telling us when they will arrive, where they want to sit etc or they ask you to "sell" them the night to justify their attendance at it. That always gives us a chuckle. Occasionally, after all the work is done, you will get someone who decides they want to be a part of it all and want to change this, this and that. Still chuckling. The other main problem you encounter pre the event is the place that you are hiring start dictating to you two days before the event. That's you who is providing them with 200 folk to drink them dry. Oh, how we laugh.

During the event is the easiest, never had an issue from the last three in Scotland at all. The only problem you get, although this has only happened at one venue, the staff can start getting cunty. Never had a problem with any punter, although it is on the night when you realise that someone, who has had four names down for two months, hasn't shown up and hasn't let anyone now. Has to be said, that gets us all down.

After the night is generally fine. It warms the heart when you read that folk have enjoyed themselves, especially as you see bonds forming and friendships made between folk all because they met each other at one of these nights.Of course these type of comments can lead to the odd cyber sniper, the type that can't see anyone happy, come out and try to put a blot on your landscape. Bless.

These might sound like moans, they're not, they are just reality. The good stuff far outweighs the bad. Meeting fellow Tims and having a great craic is when I am at my happiest.

At one point last week I saw young, old, old media, new media, Celts For Change, The Green Brigade, Homebhoys, Lostbhoys, Temprorary Stand, Celtic Graves, Maleys Bhoys, Hail Hail Media, Celtic Network, Manchester Tommy Burns CSC and many others all under one roof and all being filmed by The Carluke Shamrock Bhoys.

It was wonderful.

That's what it's all about.

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