Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh, what a night

As you can probably tell by the time, my head is still in the clouds. Of course this is the same head that decided to give me migraine on Friday and shows no sign of leaving yet. As Bampot nights go, this was the best. Everyone was on top form, from the Rebel MC @aupaceltic, to @chibchenko and Frances selling the raffle, to @machrie72 and @madameking with the buffet, everything just clicked into place.

I should say now, the reason I was sat at a table with glamourous women like Paula, Angela, Steph, Frances and Lynn all night was to cover up the bromances I was having all night!

I was humbled to talk to so many people, old friends and new, and it was just one of those nights where the atmosphere was crackling all night, even despite the result.

There are so many people I could menton that I met last night that I don't want to list them all and risk offending anyone but I must mention some folk in particular.

Harper and Joe
This was actually the first time I'd met both in the flesh and, of course, both were fantastic and lived up to their reputations. Joe as a fantastic singer-songwriter and Harper as the guy who drank the most on the night by miles.

The Carluke Bhoys
I wish I could have them follow me round 24/7.

Chris McGuigan
Legend. Cannot stress enough how much of a great guy Chris is, full of the craic and completely on my wavelength. No mean feat given that I am about three feet taller than him.

Mr and Mrs Simmy
Look up "Lovely People" in the dicitionary and you will find these two, proud to call them friends.

Brogan Rogan Trevino
The sort of guy you could sit and listen to all night. Celtic coarsing through his veins.

Liam Power
Your erstwhile bouncer, I was delighted to see him getting a good drink last night and enjoying himself. Liam and I are the ones who go through all the behind the scenes stress but I can say now, there would not be any Bampot Nights were it not for Liam.

I met lots and lots of fantastic people, and am ashamed to say I didn't get the chance to have a proper craic with people like Kim, Sam, James Cameron and many others,  who were so very kind to me and it makes me very humble. Anyone who writes a book will tell you, it's a pretty lonely experience for the most so to be exposed to the people you are writing about can be very daunting, or at least should be, except you folks who come along make me feel so happy, even with a migraine, that it's why I am sitting here at 5.07am, still on a high.


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