Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh, what a night

As you can probably tell by the time, my head is still in the clouds. Of course this is the same head that decided to give me migraine on Friday and shows no sign of leaving yet. As Bampot nights go, this was the best. Everyone was on top form, from the Rebel MC @aupaceltic, to @chibchenko and Frances selling the raffle, to @machrie72 and @madameking with the buffet, everything just clicked into place.

I should say now, the reason I was sat at a table with glamourous women like Paula, Angela, Steph, Frances and Lynn all night was to cover up the bromances I was having all night!

I was humbled to talk to so many people, old friends and new, and it was just one of those nights where the atmosphere was crackling all night, even despite the result.

There are so many people I could menton that I met last night that I don't want to list them all and risk offending anyone but I must mention some folk in particular.

Harper and Joe
This was actually the first time I'd met both in the flesh and, of course, both were fantastic and lived up to their reputations. Joe as a fantastic singer-songwriter and Harper as the guy who drank the most on the night by miles.

The Carluke Bhoys
I wish I could have them follow me round 24/7.

Chris McGuigan
Legend. Cannot stress enough how much of a great guy Chris is, full of the craic and completely on my wavelength. No mean feat given that I am about three feet taller than him.

Mr and Mrs Simmy
Look up "Lovely People" in the dicitionary and you will find these two, proud to call them friends.

Brogan Rogan Trevino
The sort of guy you could sit and listen to all night. Celtic coarsing through his veins.

Liam Power
Your erstwhile bouncer, I was delighted to see him getting a good drink last night and enjoying himself. Liam and I are the ones who go through all the behind the scenes stress but I can say now, there would not be any Bampot Nights were it not for Liam.

I met lots and lots of fantastic people, and am ashamed to say I didn't get the chance to have a proper craic with people like Kim, Sam, James Cameron and many others,  who were so very kind to me and it makes me very humble. Anyone who writes a book will tell you, it's a pretty lonely experience for the most so to be exposed to the people you are writing about can be very daunting, or at least should be, except you folks who come along make me feel so happy, even with a migraine, that it's why I am sitting here at 5.07am, still on a high.


Monday, November 19, 2012

You are free to do what we tell you

I find myself wondering more and more these days when everyone will wake up to the kind of country Britain is. For years we were told that the UK was the good guys and everyone else were the bad guys. It was in TV shows, films, books and on all our news stations, we were the defenders of all that is good.

In the last few months, the bubble has been burst more times than an Amsterdam mattress.

MP's expenses were the tip of the iceberg, where the good and great of the country, stop laughing at the back, were seen to be earning fortunes off the back of taxpayers by filling in forms and claiming for anything from pens to moats.

Then came the hacking scandal. News International, as if we didn't know already, were found to be hacking the phones of anyone they deemed newsworthy. No one was off limits, celebrities were paid off but the general public simply had to take it.

After 23 years, the victims of Hillsborough were finally allowed to hear the truth about the massive cover up that was put upon them after years of lies by the establishment.

These things go on every day and they affect you, me and everyone not on their side.

So it comes as no great surprise when you hear about the harassment of The Green Brigade and the dark arts being used against them. As it is an ongoing legal situation I can't say too much but the fact that Celtic suporters feel the need to boycott Celtic Park means they have gotten to a point of no return. I know how that feels, I was at that point in 1993/94.

It seems there is a concerted campaign against Celtic supporters, the only question remains is, by whom? I was in Aberdeen on Saturday and saw no bad behaviour at all from any Celtic supporter. I'll tell you what I did see though, eight policemen come into the Bishop Crosas CSC do on Saturday night and shut it down early. As I left the premises, I saw two additional police vans full of back up.

Now, I was at the do from 7pm-1130pm and saw nothing that could lead to a do being shut down. I was on stage a lot helping with the hosting and raffles etc and had a clear view of the whole venue a lot of the time and saw nothng other than people having fun, singing and dancing.

What kind of country is this when the police can just decide to shut that down? The same country that oppresses people who want to support their football team?

Or is it that they just want to oppress people who support a certain football team...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sevco are an open book

If you came to Scotland today, for the first time in your life, you'd probably get a picture of it that bore no resemblance to the actual reality. With Walter Myth joining the Sevco board, we are now at a stage where even Monty Python would reject the idea.

Mind you, I feel a bit like that too. The new book, above, has obliterated the likes of Alex MacDonald and Leggo's books and I find that hard to get my head round. I hope Johnny Doyle is smiling down.

See, because Walter Myth is untouchable in the MSM, no one will mention the fact that just a few short months ago, he did anything and everything he could to stop Charles Green's Sevco apply for a place in the Scottish League.

Except divvy up money of course.

So his appointment is portrayed as a masterstroke and not the desperate move it actually is.

I'd love to be in Phil Mac Giolla Bhain's position, the sequel to is writing itself.

*Speaking of divvying up money, I can't tell you how proud I feel that folk are buying my new book. It is very humbling and inspiring. I know in these harsh economic times how little money there is around and from the bottom of my heart, slainte.

Monday, November 5, 2012

For the love of Kindle

A lovely little boost on Saturday came when @btwcelticshow let me know that the new book was No1 on Amazon's hot new releases.

On top of that it was beating the likes of Richard Gordon, and all the free publicity he gets, Alex MacDonald, that darling of the Celtic support, and, of course, Leggo.

This is all down to Kindle sales.

All joking aside, this is very humbling for me. The MSM are never going to touch this book, two journos even told me that, so all the PR is done by myself and The Internet Bampots.

In particular @shoegirl1881 has been superb with this and I pay tribute to her right here, right now.

However the biggest component is YOU. The folk who buy the book.

I can't thank you enough.

If my Father knew we were beating Alex MacDonald, I'd probably still be drunk.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Sevco MacGuffin is over

A MacGuffin is a little tool directors use in films. Put simply it is "a plot element that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction".

That's what we have all been subject to from Sevco, Charles Green and all, this notion that Rangers were still alive, the fans were still supporting the same club and it was still "No Surrender".

On Halloween, Lord Hodge was the pin that burst that bubble.

This is a nghtmare for Charles Green as he tries a "share issue" to raise £20m. He wanted to be portrayed as their saviour, the man with a plan and all that. Sadly for Charles, reality is a bitch.

As he sat at Ibrox on Wednesday, in the knowledge that his work of fiction had been seen for what it is, his Sevco team were being obliterated on the park by Inverness Caley Thistle. It was the worst day in Charlie's shakedown and he knew it.

Until today that is.

The tax man is now sniffing about him and Zeus Capital, or the off shoot, Zeus Partners, the company he used to finance Sevco, and who own two million shares in Sevco as well.

Sound familiar?

Zeus, described as "The primary advisers on the deal" by Sevco Chairman, Malcolm Murray, it is safe to say that the Sevco house of cards just lost one from the bottom.

And not even Alfred Hitchcock could convince you otherwise.