Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eyes on America, Eyes on Sevco

It can be both staggering and infuriating to try and follow the thought process of your average American Republican. When your brand is all about hate, when you refuse to accept change, you regard anyone who doesn't look or sound like you as a threat, then rational thinkers are going to have a problem with you.

Similarly when you have a guy at the top who can go on national television and smile his way through telling lie after lie after lie then don't be surprised if people, who don't rely on a biased mainstream media for their information, take issue with your propaganda.

Whilst I'm here, if you are a TV channel, and you propagate this stuff without ever challenging it, don't run crying for your mother when folk say you are as complicit as the people spouting these lies.

This is 2012, people can think for themselves and you're accountable to them. Remember that.

I can't think why all this came to me today, perhaps it's because I lived in America and there is an election coming up and I am desperate for Obama to win again.

Or perhaps it's because we in Scotland see this shit every day and you think we don't notice...

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