Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bampots 1 Zombies 0

Yes, it's another new book and the closure of the series that started with From Albert, With Love, through Wim's Tims, onto Poles 'N' Goals and Hesselink and now finished with By Any Means Necessary-Journey with Celtic Bampots.

It's a book I've worked on for a year and has more twists and turns than Tommy Burns.

Packed full bampots, it also brings my life full circle and, without blowing my own trumpet, makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like a Harry Potter book.

You will read the story of a Grade 1 Referee and how institutionalised the hatred of Celtic is within the SFA.

You will read about the rise of the Internet Bampots and how the mindset of the Celtic support changed.

Plus you will tour a world populated by La Cosa Nostra, Beautiful women and seedy hotel rooms in Atlantic City.

Well, no one said I was Mother Theresa...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eyes on America, Eyes on Sevco

It can be both staggering and infuriating to try and follow the thought process of your average American Republican. When your brand is all about hate, when you refuse to accept change, you regard anyone who doesn't look or sound like you as a threat, then rational thinkers are going to have a problem with you.

Similarly when you have a guy at the top who can go on national television and smile his way through telling lie after lie after lie then don't be surprised if people, who don't rely on a biased mainstream media for their information, take issue with your propaganda.

Whilst I'm here, if you are a TV channel, and you propagate this stuff without ever challenging it, don't run crying for your mother when folk say you are as complicit as the people spouting these lies.

This is 2012, people can think for themselves and you're accountable to them. Remember that.

I can't think why all this came to me today, perhaps it's because I lived in America and there is an election coming up and I am desperate for Obama to win again.

Or perhaps it's because we in Scotland see this shit every day and you think we don't notice...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Sevco Rentaghost

Ghosts aren't real. There is no evidence anywhere that proves they have ever existed. Further more, it's actually true that ghosts were manufactured. Why? After World War One, people could not cope with the enormous loss of life. There was a very real possibility that the world would never get over this war that was supposed to end all wars.

So plans were hatched.

Suddenly, mediums were appearing everywhere, reassuring the grief stricken that their loved ones weren't gone and, for a price, they could speak to them once again.

They bought it.

Charles Green launched a share issue this week to raise £20m for working capital. Amidst a campaign of fear and intimidation against anyone who speaks out against Sevco, aided by a media still asleep at the wheel, a media who will go crazy if you call Inverness Caledonian Thistle "Caley" but plead stupidity when pulled up on calling Sevco "Rangers" and a media who don't see a problem with anything Charles Green says despite almost all of it being blatant lies.

Green has managed to convince the hard of thinking in Scotland that Sevco are debt free and that he "saved them", three months after saying a failed CVA meant the end of Rangers. A brass neck that even Mitt Romney would have problems with.

Funny thing though, the Zombies are realising that they are just that. After all, why would they be offended at one being shot?

The problem Green has, like the people grieving their loved ones after 1918, is that another war is just round the corner.

That's because, like mediums and Derren Brown types, it's all a load of bollocks to appease people at their weakest.


Friday, October 5, 2012

From Malcolm X to Lovely Anita

Well, a new book is approved and pre orders will begin in two weeks. This is the book I worked on when I was doing other books. If that makes sense. Partly because I was living the life anyway and partly because it's only now I could bring a book like this out. Coming in at 406 pages, far more than I thought it would be, this is a look at what has happened with Celtic supporters in the last four years, the rise of the Internet Bampots and what has happened to me in the last four years. That last part isn't a vanity thing by the way, when you read it, you'll see why it took me ages to reveal most of the stories in it.

The book is my point of view so you may think some things are missing but it's from what I saw and experienced and I also never want you to open a book of mine thinking it is new material when it's something you've read 100 times before.

We start with the story of a former Grade 1 Referee and how he progressed through the ranks and what he saw was the norm in the SFA.

That will blow your mind.

This attitude within was the pre cursor for what made the Internet Bampots finally say "Enough".

After this, we go through my world, from the summer of 2008, as it completely collapses, the spin offs from that whilst interspersing with looks at some of the Internet Bampots we see today. I talk to people like Chris McGuigan, Graham Wilson, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Richard Swan, some in interview format, others to write about as they share things about the parts they played in the Bampot revolution.

All the while you will travel, fall and rise with me as some incredible situations are played out in my life, involving police, The Mafia, The Latin Kings, strange landlords and a lot of doctors.

There are laughs aplenty as well, with stories from early 90's Leith and late noughties Atlantic City.

There are encounters with gorgeous women, uptight cops and reunions at Yankee Stadium.

There will be drinking sessions aplenty from The Bronx, NY to Whitehall, London.

You'll go behind the scenes with the HomeBhoys, LostBhoys and Beyond The Waves as well as reading my take on why some people amongst the Celtic support hate me.

There is then an expert analysis about Rangers dying and what the impact was across the board.

There are many, many more things as well.

I hope there is something in it for everyone and that you'll get what the overiding message of it all is.

So on Halloween, dont go trick or treating until you buy...