Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Justice for the 96

Watching the recent documentary on Hillsborough, I think I cried at least four times. To watch the shocking images of fans being crushed at football match will strike right at the heart of any fan who watched football in those days because you know that it could have been you.

Like a lot of Celtic supporters that day, I was listening to Radio 2. We were playing Hibs the following day at Hampden and Dundee v Hearts was the game on Radio Scotland. It became apparent pretty quickly that something was happening at Hillsborough. Peter Beardsley has just hit the bar for Liverpool and the crowd had spilled onto the pitch. What first was reported as crowd trouble quickly became a disaster. My father and I then put on Grandstand and watched, numb, as it became apparent that people had died.

The enormity of it all is still overwhelming for most. It makes me immensely proud that it was Celtic Park where Liverpool played it's first match after the tragedy. That said, I cannot speak about that day without crying again.

None of this is about football rivlary, it's about 96 people dying because of the incompetence of a police force at the top level (some of the junior ranked police were heroes that day) and the subsequent cover up designed to protect a Tory government on the slide, with that enemy of the working class people, The Sun, as main cheerleader.

Today is a day fans of every club in the world should be behind those 96 families.

As Jim Garrison once said, "May justice be done or the heavens fall"

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