Monday, August 27, 2012

Only the lonely

Writing can be a very lonely pastime. Whatever you put in a book, it's you and only you will be liable for it when folk, hopefully, read it. I find it impossible to second guess anything that folk will mention once they, hopefully, read it.

Thing is, we get prepared for this with life which is often a lonely experience and always full of uncertainty. Take Saturday as an example. With me moving back and forth over the Atlantic, two kids, a new house and attempt to add another string to my bow, in terms of career, I've had to sacrifice going to Celtic away games. That will never sit easy with me but needs must. I'd never subscribe to SKY so it was a case of "Find a pub". Trying to be smart, I jumped off a bus on Ferry Road in Edinburgh and headed for "Spiers" drawn in by it's signs that they show all games. I went in, ordered a Guinness and enquired about the game only to be met with "Eh, we dinnae show games on SKY here noo"

Quickest Guinness ever, I hot footed to Canonmills and saw that McClachlans had the SKY sign. Walked in, not a soul in the place, and the bar man had a country and western channel blaring. I ask again and am met with "Naw, we dinnae show SKY games noo" FFS.

Over the road to The Stag's Head, they will be showing the game it's just the guy who knows how to switch the SKY on won't be in til the back of 1.

Christ almighty.

Finally I made it to the Cask and Barrell who has loads of TV's showing the game. I can honestly say, not being used to having to look for pubs showing Celtic, I spent most of that time in a panic befote sitting down to watch the game on my own. Occured to me how helpless I was at the time and completely frustrated to and how often that seems to apply in life and how crap it is.

Then Celtic put in a great performance and all was well in the world again.

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