Thursday, July 5, 2012

Victory-now spread the wealth

The crushing defeat for Sevco into the SPL has to be the line in the sand for a new dawn in Scottish football. Fans all across the SPL felt satisfied and speaking as a Celtic supporter, it was a victory for us definitely, don't care who knows. Whether other fans felt it a victory for them or not is down to them.

There are a lot of hurting people across Scotland this morning, seething with hate, as they never envisaged the supporter uprising that ensured integrity was put before greed. Folk who compare league reconstruction and stadium requirements with 20 odd years of destruction, corruption and cheating really will never get it, so we need to stay as far away from their mindset as possible.

I think now is the time for Celtic to spread the wealth.

I'm not a money guy. I've no interest in corporate structures, bottom lines and nuclear language. What I do know is that it was supporter power that ensured change in Scottish football and that has to rewarded.

I think it would be a huge gesture from Celtic to give up TV revenue this season and spread it through the SPL.  There are two sets of people who will be aghast this suggestion, one set are those who despise Celtic and will never see nayting good in what we do and then there are those who still think football is a business.

We need some out of the box thinking here for the good of the game So I would add one condtion to the other 11 SPL clubs, you get more TV money from us the more away fans you bring to Celtic Park. I have some sympathy with the away fans who do come just now, having experienced the opposite end of it last season, the view is absolutely horrendous, so anyone sitting in the specific restricted bit I'd charge a tenner at most.

The thing is it's not about TV money or Celtic giving it the big one, it's about trying to get more folk back through the turnstiles. There are two main reasons why a lot of fans like playing us, one is the chnace to get it up us and the other is we bring a huge away support which encourages your home fans to be that bit more vocal and animated.

This makes a great atmosphere and definitely ups the level of the game we are all watching. We have to get back to the days of groups of mates being able to attend games together and ensuring that it doesn't cost them half a weeks wages to do so.

The other thing I'd do is allow Celtic to sell our TV rights outside the UK. It would be a huge boost to CSC's all over the world to be able to purchase HD quality games into their clubs. That would see more folk off their computers and in with the Bhoys and Ghirls, and create a bigger demand.

It may shock younger readers to relaise that it's only 20 years ago when Hearts and Aberdeen used to bring 7000 punters to Celtic Park, Hibs would bring 4-5000, ditto Dundee Utd, Partick Thistle and St Mirren. Christ even Killie used to bring 2000 and now they can barely get that at home games.

If there is one thing more than anything that Scottish football suffers from it's the demonisation of other supporters that internet messageboards created. This led to a lack of trust and even now I guarantee you a fan of another club will read this and still find fault with my suggestions as some sort of cynical ploy to help Celtic take over the world.

I used to meet fans of other clubs in boozers before games all the time. That's because you mixed with them. It may shock a lot of people to know that 20 years ago at Tynecastle, when we had the Gorgie Road end, Celtic and Hearts fans drank together in boozers up and down Gorgie Road. Celtic had supporters in the Hearts enclosure AND in the Roseburn end.

Society didn't collapse.

I'm not suggesting we should all hold hands and applaud each other sportingly off the park. I just think now is the time to put aside rivalry off the park until we get a solution in the SPL that will help all.

Don't take my word for it, remember the big man

"Football without the fans is nothing"

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