Monday, July 16, 2012

Sun in the sky...

After what seemed like months of rain, the sun came out today.

I think you can tell by the apathy and anger of a lot of the MSM, they never thought this day would come.

A lot of people will be very satisfied tonight. To get to the point we are at now, a lot of people worked damn hard to help get us there.

Lots of people played their part, most will not be vocal about it and that shows their class.

I salute them all.

I remember a @homebhoys episode back in April where the panel were asked what would become of Rangers? A discussion then took place where it was felt they would be liquidated and not able to play as a Newco next season. This was amongst the four regulars and three other supporters also on.

The majority of MSM would not even entertain that, yet here was seven punters saying it was a certainty.

Others were blogging it, tweeting it and podding it then also.

It was an open debate amonsgts the Celtic support then, whilst the majority of MSM still didn't get it.

Guess what?

You don't need to guess, you knew all along.

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