Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last act of a fallen empire

So the tabloids have had one last effort at getting a Newco into the SPL. Not surprisingly they were led by Jim Traynor, David Murray's lickpsittle for many years, in what can only be described as the rantings of a mad man.

The fantatical way Traynor has gone at this story shows, as many long suspected, he is part of something bigger. The easy relationship between parts of the MSM and Ex Rangers was all part of the masterplan that included friendly bank managers and the odd bent referee.

Celtic supporters have been called paranoid since year dot. Ex Rangers fans have tried to turn the last 6 months into a Glasgow thing where every ill they have had come on them was all put there by mad Celtic fans at keyboards.

All I ask folk is to remember the facts

-Rangers bought nine in a row with money that was never paid back

-Rangers used an illegal tax scheme to gain an unfair advantage

-They were found guilty of this and it is now in appeal

-Rangers illegaly registered over 80 players over the course of 700 games

-Rangers were not eligible to play in the SPL last season

-In the season they were not eligible to play in, they did not pay any bills

-Rangers bought Nikita Jelavic, didn't pay for him, sold him for £5m, and kept the money

-Rangers paid Hearts only a small part of the fee for Lee Wallace yet still retain the player

That's before we get onto the threats and itimidation that have gone one since they were put into administration.

Anyone who forgets this, will realise that your average supporter has the memory of an elephant.

*Look out for my 200th blog tomorrow about a special cause

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