Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's harder than you think

Do we get the leadership we deserve? Yes.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of incompetent suits running amok with Scottish football whilst lily livered supporters sit like nodding dogs. I can't tell you the number of conversations I've had with people who agree that there are lots of things wrong with organisations like the SFA but will do sod all about it.

There is fire and passion out there amongst supporters but you know you're in the minority, you know that the reason the suits ride roughshod over the game is because they have the balls to wait any situation out.

Why do we accept that? Why do we accept statements that are akin to billionaires asking us to help starving people?

Have we been brow-beaten to the point of apathy?

Here's the reality, most supporters have given everything financially we have, we have no more money.

We are being asked to pay for a situation created by one club, now dead, who currently have a corrupt SFA trying to present a new brand of their bile with every opportunity they can.

The SFA, jesus, they make North Korea look like Greenpeace, so open about the level of cheating they will go to to help Sevco, that too many just accept it as the norm.

Here's the reality, there are clubs all over Scotland who the SFA have ensured are being completely shafted yet fans of those clubs will willingly hand the SFA £150 for "Scotland Season Ticket", will I walk you through that again?

If you're seriously giving up that level of dosh whilst are still unsure whether you should back your own club this season, I suggest Bowling is probably a better sport for you to follow.

Everyone has to keep a light shone brightly on the SFA and anyone that tells you that it's in the interests of the game to prop up Sevco.

Because it's you they want to prop them up.

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