Tuesday, July 3, 2012

200 Blogs-An appeal to The Celtic Universe

As it's the 200th Blog, I thought I'd try to mark in a fitting way,

Stephen Rodgers (above), originally from Glasgow, but now in Denver, Colorado, is embarking on an incredible test of endurance for a good cause.

Stephen takes up the story:

"I'm doing Leadman, the World's toughest high altitude ultra endurance race series. It consists of five events over seven weeks from the end of June till mid August. Starts with the Leadville marathon, going up to 13,200ft with over 6,000ft of elevation gain, 8.5 hrs to finish it in.
If I make it through that, then next up is the Silver Rush 50 mile run two weeks later. You only go over 12,000ft 4 times in that, 14 hrs to finish.

Then, I'll have 4 weeks till the Aug 11th Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race...104 miles, 14k of climbing in under 12 hours.

The Sunday morning after that I'll have a 10k run to finish, then six days later (Aug 18th), I start the 100 mile run at 4am. I'll have 30 hrs to finish that if I want to be a Leadman...

I was told not to even enter it this year by serious ultra edurance athletes, because of the years of endurance training/running and sheer stupidity required to finish, but I feel like I'm already halfway there with the stupidity;-)

'Real' athletes I know have been stunned that I've been riding a 40lb snow bike up Mt Evans (14,150ft) practically every week since Mid April, and I've managed to go from being a non-runner to doing 20 miles in sub-4 hour marathon pace, which is pretty good.

I'm also aiming to be the first Scottish/Irish/British/Tim Leadman...there's been 4,000 people up Everest in the last Decade, but less than 80 Leadmen/Leadwomen in total for the same time!

On the charity front, First Descents is a cause that sends young cancer sufferers/suvivors on week long adventure sports camps where they learn to kayak, rock climb, etc. and it gives a massive boost to a lot of young adults who'd previously given up hope."

I'm tired just reading that.

To try and help, in conjunction with The LostBhoys&HomeBhoys, we are going to give away football/sports books to anyone who donates, plus PDF's of Playing For The LostBhoys.

Here's how to do it:

Donate here: http://teamfd.firstdescents.org/2012/fd/LeadmanRaceSeries/BarfootQuicheEater/

Then get in touch with me @paullarkin74 or lovest86@hotmail.com to get a book sent, then get in touch with @harper1888 or homebhoys@gmail.com for your PDF

This is a fantastic cause and a great Tim, let's show him what we are all about.

Please spread the word.

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