Monday, July 30, 2012

Albert, Dougie and Wim. OUT NOW!

Well here it is, my latest attempt at brainwashing you all..

It's the limited edition Albert, Dougie and Wim.

Limited to 100 copies.

Here's the rub, should you choose to purchase, you'll see in Channeling Charlie Mulgrew not only am I quite, quite mad, but I may well have a baying mob of Internet Bampots after me...

So, please buy this, I may not be here much longer.

The limited edition part comes from the fact that I don't want to be bugging you all for months to get sales. The book will be sold from now until Sep 1st (The night of the, er, book launch) and the launch at the Blackfriars will be more of a celebration of Internet Bampottery.

So, here's how it works. There are 30 copies on Lulu, 30 copies on Kindle, 20 copies for download and there will be 20 copies at the Book Launch.

To buy from Lulu:

To buy from the Kindle Store in UK

To buy from The Kindle Store in the US

To buy a copy for Ipad
Contact me @paullarkin74 or email me at

By all means bring your purchased copies to sign on Sep 1st

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's harder than you think

Do we get the leadership we deserve? Yes.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of incompetent suits running amok with Scottish football whilst lily livered supporters sit like nodding dogs. I can't tell you the number of conversations I've had with people who agree that there are lots of things wrong with organisations like the SFA but will do sod all about it.

There is fire and passion out there amongst supporters but you know you're in the minority, you know that the reason the suits ride roughshod over the game is because they have the balls to wait any situation out.

Why do we accept that? Why do we accept statements that are akin to billionaires asking us to help starving people?

Have we been brow-beaten to the point of apathy?

Here's the reality, most supporters have given everything financially we have, we have no more money.

We are being asked to pay for a situation created by one club, now dead, who currently have a corrupt SFA trying to present a new brand of their bile with every opportunity they can.

The SFA, jesus, they make North Korea look like Greenpeace, so open about the level of cheating they will go to to help Sevco, that too many just accept it as the norm.

Here's the reality, there are clubs all over Scotland who the SFA have ensured are being completely shafted yet fans of those clubs will willingly hand the SFA £150 for "Scotland Season Ticket", will I walk you through that again?

If you're seriously giving up that level of dosh whilst are still unsure whether you should back your own club this season, I suggest Bowling is probably a better sport for you to follow.

Everyone has to keep a light shone brightly on the SFA and anyone that tells you that it's in the interests of the game to prop up Sevco.

Because it's you they want to prop them up.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A hazy shade of bright

I enjoyed the Firhill Tournament at the weekend. I've had little chance to see the Celtic development squad live in recent years and a nice atmosphere with four good games made it a good couple of days. In the last six months I've been to Falkirk, Raith, Partick and Spartans and I noticed they have come up with a novel concept, treating the supporters well.

It will never catch on.

I was interested to see what Celtic had coming through and what progress, if any, guys like Rasmussen and Josh Thomson had made. The plus points of the Celtic team were Tony Watt, who will terrorise defences in Scotland for years to come, Calum McGregor who has talent in abundance and Jackson Irvine who, aaginst Airdrie in particular, looked tenacious and willing to work at all times.

Motten Rasmussen is a strange story. Bought for good money in January 2010, he looked completely out of his depth against Partick Thistle amd Airdrie, constantly moaned at his team mates and even took manager, Stephen Frail, to task at one point. It's easy to see why he hasn't made it and no one wants him. Josh Thomson, like the song, remains the same. Ok at defending deep but still being dragged into corners and looking cumbersome. I will reserve judgement on Toshney and Fraser, neither played well, but they are still young. Andre Blackman still remains a completely mystery though, showing nothing to suggest he should be anywhere near a club like Celtic.

I have to say Airdrie were impressive in the first game against Everton, Donnelly and Boyle up front were a real handful and I am positive they will surprise a few in SF1 this year.

Everton were big and strong but not much technique going about.

Partick Thistle were the real standout at the weekend.

Quite frankly, they battered Celtic and Everton.

I've seen Thistle a few times in the last six months and Jackie McNamara is building a very decent side there. Shrewd acquisitions like Hugh Murray and Sean Welsh have soldified the midfield whilst Stephen Lawless looks like a ready made replacement for last seasons top scorer, Paul Cairney.

With Simon Donnelly at his side, there could well be a strong challenge for the SPL from Thistle this season and after that?

Well, who knows what the future holds...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sun in the sky...

After what seemed like months of rain, the sun came out today.

I think you can tell by the apathy and anger of a lot of the MSM, they never thought this day would come.

A lot of people will be very satisfied tonight. To get to the point we are at now, a lot of people worked damn hard to help get us there.

Lots of people played their part, most will not be vocal about it and that shows their class.

I salute them all.

I remember a @homebhoys episode back in April where the panel were asked what would become of Rangers? A discussion then took place where it was felt they would be liquidated and not able to play as a Newco next season. This was amongst the four regulars and three other supporters also on.

The majority of MSM would not even entertain that, yet here was seven punters saying it was a certainty.

Others were blogging it, tweeting it and podding it then also.

It was an open debate amonsgts the Celtic support then, whilst the majority of MSM still didn't get it.

Guess what?

You don't need to guess, you knew all along.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebration of the Bampots

Had a good laugh, as always, on @btwcelticshow yesterday. I don't care what anyone says, if you write something, you want to talk about it. The new book isn't really a new book. It's From Albert, With Love, Dougie Dougie and Wim's Tims in one sitting. It also has a completely new story of 15,000 words, Channeling Charlie Mulgrew, and a postcript of 3000 words that should interest a few folk. Added to that there is a 5000 preview of my new novel, The Last Pearl Diver,  which is out next year.

A donation from the sales is going here

I'm not making a big thing of that, just something I want to do.

I should also that this is a limited edition book. There will be 100 copies only, 50 at the launch, 25 at and 25 on Kindle.

The Launch details are above, free entry, a band and some special guests.

The launch though is important. If the last one is anything to go by it will be full of Internet Bampots. I think it was Graham Spiers who first coined that phrase "Internet Bampots" and having met quite a few of them, he was right!  Yesterday on the show I was asked about the effect the likes of Hail Hail Media and others have had on Celtic and the issues within Scottish football and I think it is immense.

I think we are all agreed that next season some of the old media will go into overdrive against Celtic, the SPL and anyone who spoke out against a Newco. This is why the Bampots are important. Last book launch I was interviewed by @carlukeshamrock, a year ago if I heard that name I'd have an image of a supportes bus? Now, it's a slick, well run podcast by a superb bunch of Tims.

Things are evolving every day and now, more than ever, we need to stick together.

So if you're in town for the Hibs game at Celtic Park and fancy meeting a bampot like yourself, come along for a great Celtic night.

Bampots welcome.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Victory-now spread the wealth

The crushing defeat for Sevco into the SPL has to be the line in the sand for a new dawn in Scottish football. Fans all across the SPL felt satisfied and speaking as a Celtic supporter, it was a victory for us definitely, don't care who knows. Whether other fans felt it a victory for them or not is down to them.

There are a lot of hurting people across Scotland this morning, seething with hate, as they never envisaged the supporter uprising that ensured integrity was put before greed. Folk who compare league reconstruction and stadium requirements with 20 odd years of destruction, corruption and cheating really will never get it, so we need to stay as far away from their mindset as possible.

I think now is the time for Celtic to spread the wealth.

I'm not a money guy. I've no interest in corporate structures, bottom lines and nuclear language. What I do know is that it was supporter power that ensured change in Scottish football and that has to rewarded.

I think it would be a huge gesture from Celtic to give up TV revenue this season and spread it through the SPL.  There are two sets of people who will be aghast this suggestion, one set are those who despise Celtic and will never see nayting good in what we do and then there are those who still think football is a business.

We need some out of the box thinking here for the good of the game So I would add one condtion to the other 11 SPL clubs, you get more TV money from us the more away fans you bring to Celtic Park. I have some sympathy with the away fans who do come just now, having experienced the opposite end of it last season, the view is absolutely horrendous, so anyone sitting in the specific restricted bit I'd charge a tenner at most.

The thing is it's not about TV money or Celtic giving it the big one, it's about trying to get more folk back through the turnstiles. There are two main reasons why a lot of fans like playing us, one is the chnace to get it up us and the other is we bring a huge away support which encourages your home fans to be that bit more vocal and animated.

This makes a great atmosphere and definitely ups the level of the game we are all watching. We have to get back to the days of groups of mates being able to attend games together and ensuring that it doesn't cost them half a weeks wages to do so.

The other thing I'd do is allow Celtic to sell our TV rights outside the UK. It would be a huge boost to CSC's all over the world to be able to purchase HD quality games into their clubs. That would see more folk off their computers and in with the Bhoys and Ghirls, and create a bigger demand.

It may shock younger readers to relaise that it's only 20 years ago when Hearts and Aberdeen used to bring 7000 punters to Celtic Park, Hibs would bring 4-5000, ditto Dundee Utd, Partick Thistle and St Mirren. Christ even Killie used to bring 2000 and now they can barely get that at home games.

If there is one thing more than anything that Scottish football suffers from it's the demonisation of other supporters that internet messageboards created. This led to a lack of trust and even now I guarantee you a fan of another club will read this and still find fault with my suggestions as some sort of cynical ploy to help Celtic take over the world.

I used to meet fans of other clubs in boozers before games all the time. That's because you mixed with them. It may shock a lot of people to know that 20 years ago at Tynecastle, when we had the Gorgie Road end, Celtic and Hearts fans drank together in boozers up and down Gorgie Road. Celtic had supporters in the Hearts enclosure AND in the Roseburn end.

Society didn't collapse.

I'm not suggesting we should all hold hands and applaud each other sportingly off the park. I just think now is the time to put aside rivalry off the park until we get a solution in the SPL that will help all.

Don't take my word for it, remember the big man

"Football without the fans is nothing"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

200 Blogs-An appeal to The Celtic Universe

As it's the 200th Blog, I thought I'd try to mark in a fitting way,

Stephen Rodgers (above), originally from Glasgow, but now in Denver, Colorado, is embarking on an incredible test of endurance for a good cause.

Stephen takes up the story:

"I'm doing Leadman, the World's toughest high altitude ultra endurance race series. It consists of five events over seven weeks from the end of June till mid August. Starts with the Leadville marathon, going up to 13,200ft with over 6,000ft of elevation gain, 8.5 hrs to finish it in.
If I make it through that, then next up is the Silver Rush 50 mile run two weeks later. You only go over 12,000ft 4 times in that, 14 hrs to finish.

Then, I'll have 4 weeks till the Aug 11th Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race...104 miles, 14k of climbing in under 12 hours.

The Sunday morning after that I'll have a 10k run to finish, then six days later (Aug 18th), I start the 100 mile run at 4am. I'll have 30 hrs to finish that if I want to be a Leadman...

I was told not to even enter it this year by serious ultra edurance athletes, because of the years of endurance training/running and sheer stupidity required to finish, but I feel like I'm already halfway there with the stupidity;-)

'Real' athletes I know have been stunned that I've been riding a 40lb snow bike up Mt Evans (14,150ft) practically every week since Mid April, and I've managed to go from being a non-runner to doing 20 miles in sub-4 hour marathon pace, which is pretty good.

I'm also aiming to be the first Scottish/Irish/British/Tim Leadman...there's been 4,000 people up Everest in the last Decade, but less than 80 Leadmen/Leadwomen in total for the same time!

On the charity front, First Descents is a cause that sends young cancer sufferers/suvivors on week long adventure sports camps where they learn to kayak, rock climb, etc. and it gives a massive boost to a lot of young adults who'd previously given up hope."

I'm tired just reading that.

To try and help, in conjunction with The LostBhoys&HomeBhoys, we are going to give away football/sports books to anyone who donates, plus PDF's of Playing For The LostBhoys.

Here's how to do it:

Donate here:

Then get in touch with me @paullarkin74 or to get a book sent, then get in touch with @harper1888 or for your PDF

This is a fantastic cause and a great Tim, let's show him what we are all about.

Please spread the word.

HomeBhoys, HomeBhoys, HomeBhoys

50th show tonight for The HomeBhoys. Doesn't time fly? The one thing you can guarantee with the HomeBhoys is that no two shows are ever the same. There are no production meetings, no show outline, just a gathering five minutes before going on air and BOOM!

I think the quality of the HomeBhoys lies in the real feeling of the hosts and callers. You can have blazing arguments one minute, then be talking about something else the next and there are no grudges carried over. A stark contrast to the likes of Radio Clyde.

Harper and Joe deserve immense credit for creating a medium for supporters that enables them to put their views across without fear of being patronised, talked over or cut off.

The show has got bigger and bigger as more and more supporters Skype in and fill the air with their views.

The thing about live radio is anything can happen, and often does, yet 50 shows in, something must be working.

So credit again to Harper and Joe and here's to the next 50.

@homebhoys tonight 7.30pm CPT

* Look out for my 200th blog on Wednesday July 4th for an extra special cause

Last act of a fallen empire

So the tabloids have had one last effort at getting a Newco into the SPL. Not surprisingly they were led by Jim Traynor, David Murray's lickpsittle for many years, in what can only be described as the rantings of a mad man.

The fantatical way Traynor has gone at this story shows, as many long suspected, he is part of something bigger. The easy relationship between parts of the MSM and Ex Rangers was all part of the masterplan that included friendly bank managers and the odd bent referee.

Celtic supporters have been called paranoid since year dot. Ex Rangers fans have tried to turn the last 6 months into a Glasgow thing where every ill they have had come on them was all put there by mad Celtic fans at keyboards.

All I ask folk is to remember the facts

-Rangers bought nine in a row with money that was never paid back

-Rangers used an illegal tax scheme to gain an unfair advantage

-They were found guilty of this and it is now in appeal

-Rangers illegaly registered over 80 players over the course of 700 games

-Rangers were not eligible to play in the SPL last season

-In the season they were not eligible to play in, they did not pay any bills

-Rangers bought Nikita Jelavic, didn't pay for him, sold him for £5m, and kept the money

-Rangers paid Hearts only a small part of the fee for Lee Wallace yet still retain the player

That's before we get onto the threats and itimidation that have gone one since they were put into administration.

Anyone who forgets this, will realise that your average supporter has the memory of an elephant.

*Look out for my 200th blog tomorrow about a special cause

Monday, July 2, 2012

The calm before reform

Tomorrow(Tuesday) and Wednesday could be easily be the two most momentus days in Scottish football history.

It's a simple choice.

Will clubs apply the rules or cement the notion that Scottish football was run for the benefit of one club only.

I don't expect any Newco to play football next season. This is something we have discussed at length on @homebhoys for months now yet Graham Spiers is now saying Jim Delahunt was the first to ever mention this a few weeks ago.

I can only assume that Spiers have finally given up to the drink.

Most switched on folk gave up buying the tabloids years. The vile hatred of the working class that eminates from them did it for me, long before the likes of that blog today from class bore Jim Traynor.

This is the empire of Scottish football in ruins, looking for scraps, the establishment club and establishment media, finished.

We can only hope a new dawn has replaced it by Wednseday night.

*Look out for my 200th blog on Wednesday, for a special cause.