Monday, June 18, 2012

Well, well, well

The news of Motherwell's intention to back a Newco will come as no great surprise to most Tims. With Stuart McCall distraught last season at taking the now defunct Rangers Champions League place and absolutely no challenge whatsoever from Motherwell regarding the second place that Ramgers cheated to get, it wasn't hard to spot where they would vote.

Many of you will have had bad experiences at Fir Park, none more so than May 21st 2005, but be aware that on that day a high ranking Celtic employee walked into the boardroom at Fir Park straight after the final whistle and watched two Motherwell directors dance with joy at us losing the league. Said Celtic employee spoke to a member of staff in the boardroom who was preparing food and it was established that the reason these two Motherwell directors were in there and not the directors box was the prospect of us winning the league.

So knowing my money won't ever be in the Fir Park coffers again is no great loss to me.

I feel sorry for the Motherwell fans who are trying to takeover the club, plus I am confident that will not takeover the current attitude.

Motherwell though have made a monumental decision in their history and, like Kilmarnock, will have every SPL club supporter, including their own, wondering if they should ever set foot in their ground again.

Hope you know what you're doing.

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