Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scottish Football X

It is clear now that Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan are absolutely hellbent on ensuring Scottish football is destroyed. We have had the likes of Douglas Alexander from The Sunday Times, that dour teetotal Rangers fanatic, yesterday say that the SPL is more corrupt than Rangers ever were. We have had the Rangers Fighting Fund deliberately withhold payments to Dundee Utd and have the SFA pay instead and we have had Ally McCoist show a staggering contempt for the truth as he slaughters the players leaving the now defunct club.

Despite all this, Doncaster and Regan are fighting tooth and nail to get a completely unworkable Newco, that will self destruct very soon, into Division 1. The message this sends out is clear: We will do anytthing we for the Newco, sod the rest of you.

The one thing that we can all learn from this fiasco is that whilst Regan and Doncaster want a blank sheet of paper for the history of Scottish football, the supporters telling clubs: Greed will kill you.

All Division 1 chairmen should remember that,

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