Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Phoney War

Like most summers, most football fans are bored shitless by this weekend. Even the thought of the Euro 2012 final tomorrow can't hide us from the fact that we are six weeks from season end but five weeks still from season start.

You young cunts actually have it easy. I remember the days of going through to Celtic Park mid summer just to look at the stadium, make sure all was ok, because you didn't see it at all anywhere from early May until Mid August.  In fact the biggest excitement you got was when you saw the new strip, which would normally be when the new team group appeared in Shoot or Match.

Then you'd get your League Ladders. This would be a bit cardboard, provided by The Topical Times Football Book and given away with Shoot, you could slot English First Division, as it was then, teams into little slots and Scottish Premier League ones too. The idea was you could move them up and down the league with ease week by week.

Pre season friendlies consisted of one game at Celtic Park the week before the actual season started, and they were always full houses.

*pauses for reflection*

Christ I'm auld.

The crisis engulfing Scottish football wouldn't seem half as bad if games were being played just now(I defintely think Celtic missed a trick not organising a friendly the weekend after Rangers died) and although you may not think it now, once the season does start, the phoney war will end.

When games start and reality hits every hick town in Caledonia, the rest of the game can get on with what we normally do at the start of the season, namely claiming we are unbeatable after one game, wanting a manager sacked after a half and noticing that the pies have gone up 50p.

That's when the real nightmare hits fans of the Newco, when they realise soon that no one will give a toss about them.

You know things are bad when someone announcing that they will open a bank account is headline news. (If he said he would go to a library, THAT would be newsworthy)

It's all the phoney war but don't worry, one day that war will be over.

Just like my youth.

look out for my 200th Blog on July 4th, for a special cause.

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