Thursday, June 21, 2012

Phil, Kano and Philly

You may have noticed that Celtic are playing Real Madrid in Philadelphia in August. Whilst that will be an epic game and weekend amongst The Celtic Family there, and a chance for @grahamdwilson to display a variety of facial expressions, there are a couple of important things not to be missed.

First of all The Rebel Journalist, Phil MacGiolla Bhain, will be in Fado on August 10th.

An event worth supporting and getting along to for a number of reasons that, frankly, if you're not aware of them by now, how is Planet Mars? Fado is great for a bite to eat and has a huge range of beers on sale as well.

Secondly, there has been an official T Shirt designed for the Philly Weekend.

As you can see the t shirts are superbly designed and with the add on bonus that profits will go to the wonderful Kano Foundation whose welcome presence gets bigger and bigger at Celtic Park.

Finally, going to Fado will give you a chance to meet to great friends of  mine. They are they forces behind @iceltic and @btwcelticshow. There will be @btwceltichshow after the Celtic match on the Saturday in Fado and that's also not be missed.

When you leave Philly with a smile, they will all have played a huge part in that.

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