Friday, June 1, 2012

James Connolly, there's someone worth celebrating

If you're a lover of Downton Abbey, this is probably a special weekend for you. Similarly if you've never had to put back something on a supermarket shelf after seeing the price, I'd bet at some point in next four days you will be standing under red, white and blue bunting. If however you're someone with a mind of your own the chances are you won't be doing any "diamond jubilee" celebrating any time soon.

To lavish money on this nonsense at this time is akin to having Royal Wedding when political prisoners are on hunger strike. Oops, they've done that too. I don't like seeing Union flags at any time but lately every shop has been like Last Night of The Proms. In the UK just now it kind of feels like a Tory theme park with all sorts of Hooray Henrys all over TV and Radio, the frenzy over the four medals Britain will win at the Olympics and all this guff about a family who care as much about you and I as we do about them.

In a time where more people are living in poverty since, well, the last Tory government, plenty cash was found by the government for a four day holiday whilst millions of people prayed their money went in the bank today as there would be sod all they could do about it until Wednesday.

Thankfully friends, there is a cure in Scotland's Capital.

Tomorrow a real leader will be honoured. A man who Ireland needed yesterday, a man we all should look and aspire to, James Connolly. Tomorrow is James Connolly Day and, amongst other things, a wreathe will be laid at his plaque in Edinburgh's Cowgate

James Connolly once said "Don't rise above the people you represent, rise with them"

Residents of Buck House and No 10 take note.

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