Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Book Launch-details announced

Here we go again then. Another night for the Internet Bampots. With thanks to the wonderful @iceltic for the poster.

I should say about the book, it's a limited edition, 100 copies only, with profits going to

The book contains From Albert, With Love, Dougie Dougie and Wim's Tims. It also has a brand new story Channeling Charlie Mulgrew which is a 15,000 word account of how the books came about...perhaps. There's also a 3000 word postcript The Lengthening of David Seaman's Cock.

Finally there is a preview of my novel in it, out March 1st 2013, called The Last Pearl Diver.

We will have live music and some special guests, including ex Celtic players and even appearance from the first Celtic Mascot, Vincent The Parrot.

Plus, like always, there will be bampots aplenty.

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