Friday, May 18, 2012

Emotionally Celtic

A book that has sprung up again recently is Emotionally Celtic by Matt McGlone. I've probably read the book about 100 times in my life right from when it first came out in the mid 90s. It's fascinating, insightful, well-written and an important piece of Celtic history we should all take time to know. It takes me back to a time where the Celtic heart was being ripped out of me. From about October 1993 right up until Motherwell at home in March 1994 I was boycotting Celtic home games. That doesn't mean I was sitting in the hoose or going shopping at Asda instead, that means I travelled through on the supporters bus, shouted some abuse in the car park, went to The Oak Bar until full time, then went back to the car park to shout more abuse. It was a miserable existence.

I had hoped that I'd never have to experience this sort of thing again but I can feel it now and it's horrible. As the days tick down to May 30th and the vote that could change Scottish football forever draws ever closer, I'm starting to feel sick about it. I just cannot bring myself to renew a season ticket until I know that the Newco will not be allowed in the SPL. Anyone who thinks that is posturing is deluded. It's ripping me apart but those bastards on the other side of the city took a lot of good men out with their criminal ways(and you wait til this BBC documentary shows what they were up to) and I cherish the memory of guys like Tommy Burns who gave everything to stop them. I cannot buy into a league that vindicates that kind of behaviour.

It would rip my life apart to never go back. I've been hoping, praying, Celtic are going to unload soon and whilst I can see why they haven't, wee statements on the website don't cut it. The Celtic support is rudderless just now up to a point. Guys like Matt McGlone who led it eloquently through different eras are a dying breed. The people showing the most leadership are The Green Brigade. Quite frankly they set the standard when it comes to communicating what I feel to the board and I am sure many others feel the same way.

Not everyone will of course, I just think that if a Newco is let back and when the full extent of the Murray regime is revealed, folk are going to be stunned, Then raging. Call me old fashioned but football is not just about money and trophies. If it was, there would be no one at Hampden tomorrow. Think about that.

I hate seeing things like the idiotic Fenway Sports Group take a blunt instrument to a guy like Kenny Dalglish. I hate seeing all those empty corporate seats at Wembley cause the ones with tickets got a better freebie that day. I hate seeing supporters mocked and derided becauise they care about their club. I hate seeing pundits trying to sanitise and excuse betrayal and claim loyalty is overated. This game of football is about the people and it should be for the people but if it takes the "We are the People" view, god help us all.

Emotionally Celtic is available from @mattmcglone9

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