Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ok to Launch

So the Book Launch is almost here. The process hasn't been easy, but with the help of Dave Ross at The Admiral and the sterling work of @aupaceltic and @brummiebhoy it has been made a lot easier. Of course this week we had to put everyone going on a list to get in(cut off Thu Apr 5th 12pm to get on it) and that is a road we never want to go down but in reality it is to ensure that the folk want to go, get in no problem.

The format of the Launch is as follows, we want everyone there for as close to 5pm as possible(We know it's not possible for some), there will be a wee settling in period for folk to get bevvy up and meet each other, then @aupaceltic will MC proceedings, I'll say a few words and then the band will take the roof off to take us out whilst we try to sell the 60 books we will have with us. If we run out, we hope you'll be good enough to buy one online.

That's basically it.

See, and I know a lot of folk still can't get their heads round this, we don't do convention. Whether it's with the books, the sort of covers we have or how we promote them, we do it our way. I say time and again that a lot of people don't like that and do constantly tell me "you should be doing this, you should be doing that" but that's the way it is.

The Book Launch, like the books, is a bit of fun. It's not be taken too seriously. We're no looking to get stocked in the Celtic shop or be invited in for tea and biscuits with Peter Lawwell. Similarly I know a Pulitzer isn't coming any time soon. We strive for a street/fanzine feel to the books with a William Burroughs/Irvine Welsh feel.

There will be mistakes, typos and errors, it goes with the gig. There are two reasons for this, one my brain works faster than my fingers and I will often miss out words. Secondly I am one man band when it comes to the writing and putting in and can get bogged down. So blame all that on me.

The bit about typos etc will be rectified from now on, mainly due to time constraints no longer being an issue and for the next book, if there are any, you can blame someone else. ha.

Finally about the Launch, the people who turn up are who will make it, if you come in to enjoy yourself, you will. There has been plenty notice of where the venue is and how to get there, please heed it...

See you on Saturday.

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