Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scottish football needs to take the blue blinkers off

Over the last couple of nights on the BBC there have been two programmes designed to get to the bottom of why Scottish football is on the slide. As soon as I heard about it it sounded like another jobs for the boys backslapping fest and I wasn't wrong. People like Jim Traynor, who have helped ruin the game, now suddenly want to tell us how to run it.

That's bad enough.

What was absolutely mind-boggling was the participation of people like Walter Smith, Frank De Boer and Giovanni Van Bronckhurst. All of them prattled on about where we are going wrong and yet no one, not one person, had the balls to turn round to any of them and say "You are the reason we are going wrong!" Can there even be a debate that Scottish football started going downhill in 1986? When Rangers started throwing money at players it sparked a feeding frenzy that many clubs have never recovered from.

Walter Smith had a wonderful idea. He said that we "Need to get back to ways of being able to attract players like Laudrup and Gascoigne again". Excuse me but is that not like G.Gordon Liddy saying "If only we could bug people again, we'd soon be winning elections once more"

If Scottish football is to change, then whole mindsets need to change and that includes stop putting people who clearly had an illegal hand up the ladder in positions where folk are supposed to listen to them.

Right now Scottish football has it's own Enron scandal going on, tales of money and excess without any morals whatsoever, and I wouldn't expect to see David Murray come on and talk fiscal prudence in the same way that Ken Lay gave up stock advice, and life, pretty damn quickly after folk knew what was going on.

We know what was going on, it's time everyone else admitted it,.

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