Monday, March 5, 2012

The Rangers Striptease

In 1919 the Chicago White Sox became kinown as the "Chicago Black Sox" when eight members of its team were found to have thrown games in the World Series. Olympic Marseille were stripped of its title in 1992/93 after financial irregularities in the club that season. Juventus were stripped of two titles won in 2005 and 2006 after a match fixing scandal.

What now for Rangers?

The SPL are investigating illegal payments to players, dating back to July 1998 when the SPL was formed, which if proven true will make a mockery of the entire existence of the SPL as an entity. Quite a lot of people are seething at this. Quite frankly there is a growing posse of journalists who see money and copy flying away from them as Rangers continue to be pushed closer to liquidation and they don't like it. People who really think that Scottish football will die without Rangers must have been born after 1986, or just don't want a Scottish football without Rangers. I've eyt to see any facts back up their arguments.

If this investigation proves once and for all that Rangers have been cheating since the inception of the SPL then all titles must be stripped and they must be banned from SPL membership. Any sort of free pass for Rangers will result in the death of Scottish football as a professional sport. Phil Mac Giolla Bhain said on @btwcelticshow on Saturday that this is our Watergate. He's right.

In the meantime will the SPL strip Rangers of all their SPL titles if they find a smoking gun?

It shouldn't be a tease.

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