Sunday, March 4, 2012

McCoist&fans sum up why they must die

Thoughts and prayers are with the family of Paul McBride at this time. You will have no doubt been unfortunate enough to read the glee that Rangers supporters have treated this news. It's not surprising but no less sickening.

Then there is Ally McCoist.

I fear for Ally's sanity. Ally would in the past been the one guy I'd have given a pass to when it came to them, primarily for his SCIAF work and his humility for Tommy Burns but lately he's been playing to the lowest common denominator and it's time he got a history lesson. He talks today of people gloating over Rangers demise, revelling in it even. He assures them that Rangers will be back on top "very soon" and that they will regret every having the audacity to ever slag them.

Fuck you Ally.

You were there through all the cheating, you rubbed our noses in it and your support went all round Scotland akin to David Trimble and Ian Paisley on Garvaghy Road.

All whilst cheating.

You were a good pal of The Great Tommy Burns, of that there is no doubt, yet have you ever once thought where that man might now had he not taken on a Rangers that was rotten to the core in corruption and financial doping?

Not a chance you have.

You milked it for all you could and you now have to pay the piper. Deal with it. You won't get our sympathy because you had none for us and couldn't wait to ram it up us at any given opportunity.

Remember when you knew "Wee Mo" was coming and how you chuckled?

Who's laughing now, Ally?

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