Monday, March 19, 2012

Fair Play

Yesterday was an asbsolute sickener for everyone of a Celtic persuasion. By far the better team, by far the better chances yet we got beat. Whilst Willie Collum is as incompetent a ref as I've ever witnessed I don't believe he set out to cheat us, I just think he is absolutely hopeless at his job.

Credit to Kilmarnock, they had a game plan of eight men behind the ball for most of the game whilst to break with three men when in our half and it worked. Our front players allowed it to work by not working hard enough but still they got the goal, they won, fair play.

Fair play is somethig I thought about after the game, My attention was drawn to it by the Hearts-Hibs game earlier. See if the current situation in Scotland regarding Rangers has taught us anything it's that fair play has never been high on the agenda of Rangers or the SFA. Similarly if you are a Hibs supporter and are playing a team who won't pay the wages of their players, yet are allowed to sign the player who scores the crucial first goal against you, is it sour grapes to suggest that said player should not even be playing?

Fair play is an important aspect of Scottish football that has been lost by some clubs and organisations within it. Kilmarnock are not one of them, so fair play, again, to them for yesterday.

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