Friday, March 9, 2012

Court ruling brings new dawn for Tims worldwide

The news that the Old Castle Pub in Manhattan have beaten Premium Sports in court will come as interesting to all Celtic supporters who rely on feeds to watch games.

For too long Celtic supporters have faced uncertain times in North America with the NAFCSC pushed from pillar to post by all and sundry whilst they fought night and day to bring the games to the masses.
Amongst all this, after the deal with Premium Sports collapsed, there were threats from Premium to put their own bouncers on doors to stop CSC's watching games not supplied by them, a recipe for diaster if ever there was one.
Now Premium's vice like grip on the feeds has been released my hope is now that Celtic supporters, now with a much stronger hand, will be be able to watch ALL games at an affordable fee that can encourage growth and prosperity for all CSCs. Having seen the work the likes of Tam Donnelly does at committee level and the ton of work the likes of Chas Duffy and Jim McGinn do on the ground, it's what they deserve.

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