Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Campbell's Soup

Andy Warhol once said that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Campbell Ogilvie has been famous at least that and infamous a lot longer. I first encoutered his name when it appeared on the bottom of Rangers tickets, hilariously as R.C. Ogilvie. At this time, when I first started to go to Ibrox(my first visit there was in May 1983) to watch Celtic Ogilvie sat on the Rangers board. He joined them in 1978 as general secretary and quickly scaled the heights required to get on at Rangers then namely that he didn't go against the policy of apartheid at Ibrox.

He was at Rangers until 2005 when he was eased out (why does thst scene in Goodfellas where they start finding bodies everywhere come to mind?) and it wasn't long before he was managing director of that other bastion of tolerance, Hearts.

All the while he was greasing the wheels of the SFA and when George Peat retired, Ogilvie took over as President of the SFA in June 2011.

This means of course that in the time period of the Employee Benefits Trust at Ibrox, Ogilvie had his hands on the purse. It also means that when the issue of "side contracts" was prevelant, Ogilvie had a rolled up trouser leg in both camps.

We learned today that STV have had two requests for interviews turned down, one directly from Ogilvie himself.

What does this all mean? Well we know Campbell is no soup taker, he's been up to his knees in it for as long as we can all remember.

The question remains though, did this employee benefit?

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