Saturday, February 25, 2012

Poles 'N' Goals and Hesselink-Launch

So, we are having a wee book launch in April. It's funny because we almost went for Saturday March 31st and then of course, yesterday, the game gets changed to the Sunday. How well we are treated. This is only the second book launch we have actually done. The first was in December 2011 in The Celtic House in The Bronx. That day we ate bacon rolls, watched Celtic beat Hearts on the screens and then did a live show of @btwcelticshow This was in America of course, it's much easier to do stuff like this in America as folk do this sort of thing all the time.

This time we are having one in Glasgow, The Admiral Bar on Waterloo Street, from 5pm on April 7th. So what do we do there? Well it's a tough one, obviously the aim is to sell books but you can't just expect folk to roll up and buy.  Some folk will but after a lot of talk we felt that we had to provide some entertainment. So there will be an MC there, the wonderful @aupaceltic and then I will say a few words and then we will have a few laughs and then a singer to take us out with a few songs for the last hour.We hope that provides the platform for folk to come along and support the event.

Of course I say all that like it is nothing. It will be scary, speaking in public always is, and also when folk ask you about things you have written they are at a huge advantage to you in terms of they know a lot more about you than you do about them. Still don't kid yourself, that's why we do it. Anyone who writes wants folk to ask them about their work, that's the point, we all want our work read and talked about.

So I hope you can come along on the evening, would be good to put faces to the names that have offered so much support. When you do stuff like this it's never going to be universally accepted and the club are never going to embrace it so the support of the people is the most crucial aspect to it. There will be some special guests and a good raffle prize (Charity benefitting Marys Meals) so come along and buy me a pint. Please.

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