Sunday, January 15, 2012

Business as Usual

11 league wins on the spin is absolutely brilliant. The dark days of September and October seem a long way away as does the clamour then to have Neil Lennon sacked. I've been in a sort "Acid flashback" phase in 2012 myself. After being based in America or flying back and forth to it since 2004, to be back in Scotland and having a game-going perspective on things again has been a pretty surreal experience I have to say.

Also I met up with an old but very dear friend. I say dear on the basis that he never goes to the bar. Evan will be known to folk who have read my books and yesterday was the first time I'd seen him in almost 12 years. I met him at Waverley Station early yesterday and almost immediately it felt like those 12 years had not happened. That's the sign of a real friendship. Cans and banter on the way through, the halfwit selling the bevvy tried to tell us Dundee Utd would win easily, we laughed, then he did a pet hate thing of mine, he tried to drag the arse out of the joke, to the point where the lovely lady at our table said "He's taken that too far", we on the other hand thought "Aye, aye..." hehe.

Tickets picked up, surprisingly two top quality seats in the North Stand Lower, we decanted to the Prince Charlie Pub to see the latest version of the HFA rules. The Guinness was good at least.

Onwards to the game and I have to say it felt fantastic. Not just going to the game but going with some you don't need to look after or shepherd about, yes Evan was no drunk yet. The game itself was the sort of game we have been accustomed to recently, most importantly, we won again.

After the game we trotted along the Gallowgate and I was amazed to see the transformation. There's actually stuff there now. We passed lots of bars with steamed up windows and faces pressed against them but being old as fuck now, we settled for one in the Merchant City for a quiet pint, at which point a band struck up. They were shake, rattle and rolling the whole pub and we just had to grin and bear it, in a similar vein as to when one @chibchenko was peering in and that sinking feeling hit us. To be fair she was good company, which made up for her shocking taste in music. Sadly we had to depart for the train and were greeted by a few folk at Queen St who had clearly partaken in a lot more ale than us.

In the old the days it would have been onto a club, nowadays a fast black was the order of the day and home for Match of The Day.

Still, this is merely pre season for me...

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