Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is it the SNP? or is it the SFA?

I've always been as anti Union as you'll find. My biggest fear from a United Ireland is that your hardcore loyalists would jump ship to Scotland and over the last 10 years this has been happening before an United Ireland actually has. My fear of an Independent Scotland is that it would be run like the SFA. Silly wee men running about trying to look important and looking after their own and no one else. Sadly, under devolution, it's already happening, the only slight difference being that there are silly wee women involved as well.

They used to say Roseanna Cunningham was a Republican you know, not the venomous bigot we all witnessed today. The SNP have been shown up as small-minded and despicably anti Irish today. A party determined to attack all aspects of our culture with an end game of eroding it from Scotland.

The rampant sectarianism and racism eminating from the SNP today is of a party totally obsessed with power at any cost and should never be forgotten when we go to the polls, nor should the fact this is a party who said NOTHING when Rangers implimented a policy of aparthied from 1911-1989 whilst their fans waded in fenian blood week after week.

The extension of this bill as a power and a law now means that any football fan is a target, some more than others of course, and anyone who thinks this it about eradicating hate in Scotland should ask themselves this: Why were Salmond and Rob Shorthouse hell bent on keeping the attempted murder of our manager out of the press?

Have absolutely no doubt that the attack on our culture has just begun and that capitulation is not an option.

They may be trying to stop the Fenian blood rising, well, they just failed.

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