Saturday, December 31, 2011

He's the Prodigal Son

As the dust settles on Wednesday, my mind has been wandering a lot to the performance of Charlie Mulgrew. Played at left midfield at Ibrox, Charlie let himself down with a needless sending off. On Wednesday he strolled through the game at centre half, easily his best position, and it is clear that Charlie is firmly established as a fans favourtite.

At just 25, his best years are ahead of him and there is no doubt they will be in a Celtic jersery. I think in any team you need guys that are close to the supporters way of thinking and as a born and bred Celtic supporter Charlie fits into that category. This is a very young Celtic team and guidance is a must and it was noticeable to me that Charlie, and Scott Brown too, were always on hand to give it. Ask any young player how vital that is.

Charlie has had a few false starts in his career, not least in his first spell at Celtic, but he's at the front of a new era at Celtic, one I think that will make all supporters proud, just like Charlie did on Wednesday.

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