Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Eve with Kilmarnock

I'll shock a few people here, we are playing Kilmarnock on Saturday. I've read and heard so many people talk about the game on the 28th, I'm starting to think folk have forgotten we have a game before it. I thought @seamusmag brought up a great point earlier in the week where he said the biggest thing we had to fear in the next week is over-confidence. I agree with that. Things have turned round for us so dramatically that folk think it is a formality we will win the next three games. I even heard on @terracepodcast talk of five and six goals on the 28th. Reality check needed.

I'm sure none of us will forget the last game against Kilmarnock of course, three down at half time, thigs looked bleak for Neil Lennon but we fought back, went on a run and here we are now, four points only behind and a chance on Saturday to see how much progress has been made. I am sure the players will have benefited from a free midweek after a hectic schedule of league and European games and of course three crucial league games coming up next week.

With the Kilmarmock game being on Christmas Eve, Celtic Park will see its lowest crowd for some time with fans in Ireland having no chance with travel and loads of men relaising they haven't done their Christmas shopping, so once again it will see the onus on The Green Brigade to provide the atmosphere amidst a backdrop of madness that is the new law passed last week.

Thankfully they are up to the task, let's hope the players are too.

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