Sunday, November 6, 2011

True Grit

I tweeted earlier that lots of newspaper columns and blogs were deleted at full time today. In fact it was obvious that Graham Spiers in particular was seething at Celtic winning at Fir Park today, he had his Neil Lennon post-mortem already written and he was not happy he could not use it. I'm not one for blaming all "the media" as they are not all the same. In fact Ewan Murray's piece on Friday regarding Neil Lennon and his lack of support from above could easily have been on this blog, albeit with much more swearing and much better written....kidding Ewan.

I blogged at the start of the week that we had to stand by Neil and that he would turn this around and even his most bitter critic must admit he has helped us get two great results since. A lot of that has come down to the grit and determination of some of the players. Guys like Stokes, Matthews, Kayal, Wanyama and, yes, Samaras, have stepped up for Neil in the last two games and now we get two weeks to re-group and get players fit.

The supporters at Fir Park again showed they are brilliant and huge kudos, again, to The Green Brigade who have turned the whole away support into a movement that is both inspiring and educational. There can now be no more false dawns, let's get this show on the road again and get back to who we really are.

In football you never give up, at Celtic you cannot give up.

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