Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here we go again...

Blink and you'll miss yet another massive storm in a Scottish tea cup. We now have a situation where the polis are freelancing when they feel like it and Celtic have been "reported" to UEFA. I say Celtic, it's Celtic supporters. Don't confuse that with anything else. It seems to me that since 2008 when the poppy fascism in Scottsh football started it's been one thing after another after another to try and tarnish the support of Celtic in a desperate attempt to paint us as bad as The Huns. It's an argument I've had so often that I am actually beginning to wonder if anyone really thinks there are new things to bring to it, cause I don't.

There's tons of copy out there on this and I'm not going to give you some long-winded opinion of my own that means no more or less than anyone else, I'm just going to state the facts cleary.

Irish, Catholics or Irish Catholics are not the cause of bigotry in Scotland.

There is bigotry in Scotland therefore there are Catholic Schools.

Rebel songs are not sectarian or illegal.

Celtic have 124 years as a club open to all.

Celtic have a proud Irish heritage and we are not erasing it for anyone.

Jim Traynor, like all hard of thinking people, let his mask slip last night on Radio Scotland bu saying "Celtic need to get rid of all this Irishness".  Therein is the REAL agenda. There is a concerted effort going from the police, politicians and the "justice" system to eradicate all aspects of Irish culture frim Scottish society. Due to the moronic type of thoughts that go through their heads, they see it collectively at Celtic and they don't want it in Scotland. This laughable exercise to get UEFA to punish us, when The Huns are wading in Fenian blood since time immemorial, smacks of petty agendas from bigoted wee men who want to justify the fact that they have allowed the most hateful football club on the planet to peddle policies of apartheid for generations.

The very fact that Celtic supporters attempted to hold a meeting in Glasgow to discuss this, and it was disrupted by Hun thugs, tells you all you need to know.

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