Monday, October 24, 2011

We don't care what our supporters say

The news that Celtic have made a £10,000 donation to Poppy Scotland is yet another slap in the face to Celtic supporters. After a disgracefully stage-managed AGM some may think that Peter Lawwell would be content to get out of it alive but no, another "I'll do what I want" message comes from Pedro today.

Look, I know this debate has been done to death, some supporters have no problems with the Poppy, others have huge ones. Why is it though that no one can see the point of view of those who are offended by it? Quite frankly I am completely fed up of Lawwell and Co. telling supporters to leave politics at the door only to have them rammed down our throats anytime he and the rest of his establishment cronies feel like it.

We are constantly told that Celtic is "apolitical" which of course is absolute nonsense, but something they hide behind when telling The Green Brigade to shut up. You cannot have it both ways.

I myself would not wear a Poppy, never have done, but I have no issue with anyone else wearing them as a personal choice. What I strongly object to is the Poppy fascism that is rampant in the UK and is used in Scotland to point score against Celtic.

The problem of course is that guys like Peter Lawwell don't live in the same world as normal supporters do and guys like Peter Lawwell could not care less whether you are offended by a Poppy being foisted on the Celtic shirt far less donating £10,000 of your money to Poppy Scotland.

Trying to be everyones friend only ever leads to one thing, no one liking you.

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