Monday, October 31, 2011

Lenny stood by us, now we must stand by him

There seems to be a consensus out there that if we lose to Motherwell, Neil Lennon goes. If that sentence doesn't break your heart, as a Celtic supporter, nothing will.  I know there are plenty people out there who would love to see him go right now but if Neil Lennon is forced out of Celtic, we are literally at the point where we'd be as well pulling the shutters down on the whole club.

There is an extreme mentality football nowadays. I read on Twitter on Saturday people praising Neil's team selection. Then after the game some of the same people were criticising him for sticking with the same players. Now, I've heard all the rumours of fall outs with Commons, Ki and Kayal, they are true but then so is the fact that things like that happen in football every day. Neil Lennon should not have to motivate anyone to play for Celtic and give their all, if a player does not want to do that, let him go asap.

Of course Neil Lennon has made mistakes, show me a manager that hasn't, but as the football in Scotland goes back to the mid to late 80s, so to should the attitude towards managers, put simply, you don't parachute out the plane at the first sign of turbulence. Look at Hearts, Jim Jeffries goes through a bad run, gets sacked, Paolo Sergio is brought in and already the knives are being sharpened for him. Is that where we want to be?

I know no matter what I write here, some folk will still say "LENNON OUT" but some things need to be clarified. The first one is that managers do not "lose a dressing room". That is spiel for "The players can't be arsed trying any more" Quite frankly, there is no excuse for that no matter what the circumstances are for any player who thinks he can arse about til a new manager comes, we don't want them at Celtic Park and they should think themselves lucky they every got the chance to player for a club like Celtic.

The other big factor is I do not want the people in charge of Celtic, in charge of anything to do with another manager recruitment. They do not have the qualifications to do this and given that we know now that Lawwell sought the advice of John Hartson and Graham Spiers in the recruitment of Neil Lennon, we cannot trust him ever again.

Neil Lennon may never be given the time to prove he can be a great Celtic manager and that is a terrible thought in my view. If anyone believes that Lenny isn't feeling the same way we all are now, they are deluding themselves. If he has made one crucial error, it was not getting in an experienced "organiser" as No2. Someone who could have protected some of the flaws our players have by having them better organised. This is to me is the answer and happy balance we need at Celtic. It may need Neil to say some harsh things to his current coaching staff but these are hard times and hard decisions need to made.

Right now I fear Neil Lennon walking and this club descending into an absolute farce as the Lawwell spin goes into full effect and we are told, once again, a load of crap to appease us.

Right now, that is the last thing we need.

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