Friday, October 14, 2011

Lawwell laughing all the way to the bank again.

He's done it again. A man utterly despised by thousands of Celtic supporters got another stage managed AGM through pretty easily. Peter Lawwell, a multi-millionaire despite being an incompetent, will be sitting in his office now laughing at how hard he has his boot on our throats. He knows another HUGE sum of money is coming his way this season, maybe some will be diverted to his super scout son Mark (you mean you didn't know he was also employed by Celtic?), but once again Peter Lawwell's bank manager is the happiest man after a Celtic AGM.

Aren't you tired of rich fucks telling you how to think? Stupid middle-aged men showing up their own lack of sanity by telling you all is well when you know in your heart it isn't? At some point something has to give, not just my heart after one of these AGM's, but a fight back has to begin because as a club we are dying, as a support we are divided and as a culture, we are criminalised. That's the order of importance as well by the way.

Apathy is our biggest enemy, we are so worn down by these things that we have lost the fire in the belly.  For the love of God let;s get organised and end this dictatorship once and for all.

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