Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't hold a nation of millions back

This is an appeal to anyone going to the Celtic AGM on Friday.

Right now you have a unique opportunity. As supporters all round the world tune in to the AGM, we are relying on YOU. For too long now Celtic has been run like a private members club with rich dudes telling the rest of us what they are going to do, we seethe and roar, but they still do it anyway.  Right now our club, YOUR club needs change. We have been treading water for years now and bit by bit the club we all love is being taken away from us. It is up to people like YOU to make your voices heard.

Celtic are worldwide heritage full of dreams and songs to sing and what we need to remind ourselves of that. We've been brainwashed for years now by a PLC board who have made fortunes whilst downsizing our club, YOUR club and we sat back and let it happen. Managers have been undermined and underfunded, players who are never Celtic class in a million years have been brought in and the supporters have been harrased and tormented by an over zealous stewarding policy, heavy-handed policing and a PLC board who allow the Scottish Govt to criminalise us.

Make your voice heard at the AGM, show us there is still some fight in this great club and we will not accept second class teams or second class status.

This is our club, YOUR club and we want it back.

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