Sunday, October 2, 2011

Celtic-A Complete Breakdown

Yesterday I warned people what the game at Tynecastle would be like, it seems that Celtic really had no clue. I've been banging on for years about the problems at Celtic, I used to get a torrent of abuse, then pinpointed by club lackeys, then a few folk agreeing and now everyone is onside. I'm going to break down what I feel is wrong at the club, all the way through it.

The biggest reason why we are an utter shambles now. The Kellys and Whites were removed from Celtic because they lost sight of everything and treated us like their own boys club, with cash aplenty for themselves. This culture is back in spades. Peter Lawwell, whilst downsizing us to the point of embarrassment, has became a multi-millionaire with your money. Dermot Desmond treats us with utter contempt whilst swanning round like he owns us, Tom Allison makes big decisions yet no one knows who he is and Eric Riley, The Teflon Hun. These people must be removed from Celtic immediately. Their interfering and arrogant posturing is killing us.

Football Management
Been controlled and undermined since Gordon Strachan took over. We can't have proper managers since MON left because egos at Celtic couldn't get him out the door quick enough. Currently, we lack experience at management level but that's not going to change as what experienced guy would put up with a CEO constantly interfering and a Director of Football(John Park) being in charge of scouting? I'll tell you who, a foreign nobody or a guy desperate for a job. That's the level we are at now.

We've sold high and bought low. Players like McManus, McGeady and McDonald were hounded by Celtic supporters for most of their careers, always the target of the bar stool managers, so we sell them all for £16m and replace them with Kris Commons(£500,000), Daniel Mastorovic (£800,000) and Gary Hooper (£2.2m), does anyone really wonder why we don't win anything any more?

I know people who work with Apple. Celtic people. People who would walk over broken glass for Celtic. They could have done so much for Celtic, they offered to put Celtic into high places of new technology, they weren't called back. Why? I also know folk in Brand Management, Celtic daft. They just shake their heads at how Celtic staff go about promoting the club. There also seems to be a belief at Celtic that if you can perform one role decent, then about 15 roles is no problem. Yet others get away with having their stuff constantly re-written with no fall out? Too many people have been there too long and a fresh new outlook is needed and that is not meeting with a couple of fans you think you can control then nick all their ideas.

Was it John Lydon who once said "Ever feel like you've been cheated?" Can you honestly say you're happy with what is going on? I know no one wants to hear bad things about something they love but the way we are going is that that thing we love is going to be completely alien to most of us. We are being criminalised for who we are, and what is our club, YOUR club doing about it? Do you honestly believe we are in the right hands now? Change has to come from within before we can expect anyone else to.

Celtic's decline started in 2007, we managed to eek out another title at the death in 2008, you can keep making excuses, keep calling me a prophet of doom but I'll tell you now, things will only get worse if we don't act.

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